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Landscape Design Services

We specialize in creating tropical landscapes using exotic, beautiful and rare specimens in Southern California. Our nursery imports plants and trees from around the world to ensure that our designs will look colorful, lush and nearly impossible to replicate. We are among less than a handful of designers in California that understand how to use these beautiful specimens in Southern California climates. We believe that form must follow function which is why our process includes interviews with that help us identify our clients’ goals and address problem areas in their landscape. Our designers also conduct site reviews to analyze soil conditions and necessary treatments, take photographs, assess exterior conditions, and uncover other potentially important information that affect the landscape design and installation process. We offer overhead-view CAD plans, 3-D rendering and Photo Imaging. The end result: a breathtaking tropical garden that it evokes feelings of paradise at your home!

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Increase your home’s value!
Did you know…

"In one study, 83% of Realtors believe that mature trees have a "strong or moderate impact" on the salability of homes listed for under $150,000; on homes over $250,000, this perception increases to 98% (Source: "American Forests, Arbor National Mortgage").

“Landscaping can add as much as 14% to the resale value of a building and speed its sale by as much as 6 weeks” (Source: American Landscape Contractors of America)

“A Clemson University study documented the impact of landscaping on resale value of single family residences. A house that obtained an “excellent” landscape rating from a local landscaping professional could expect a sale price 4% to 5% higher than equivalent houses with “good” landscaping.” (Source: Henry, Mark S. Journal of Environmental Horticulture 12 (2): 65-70)

By spending 5% of your homes value on the installation of a quality low-maintenance landscape, you could boost the resale value by 15%, earning back 150% or more of your landscape investment. (Source: Taylor, C. 2003. “Fertile Ground”. Smart Money. March 2003

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