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Selecting Palms

For most people palm selection is one of the most enjoyable aspects in developing their tropical paradise - and this is what we are passionate about! While it is always best to purchase palms as big as you can to help increase the success they will have in growing in your garden, you will need to develop a private selection of palms that you will plant when they are more viable. For monetary reasons, buying palms in smaller sizes is the best value. These are plants that may be difficult to find in larger sizes due to their rarity in habitat or availability in your area. We recommend that you collect a variety of plants for a "balanced" tropical look. Your selections should include palms with the following types of foliage:

Pinnate or "Feather"
  • "Window-Pane" pinnate (Beccariophoenix speices)
  • Premorse innate (Wodyetia, Veitchia)
  • Bifid pinnate (Chamaedorea ernesti-augsti)
  • Entire pinnate (Johannesteijsmannia)
  • Irregularly pinnate (Linospadix, some Pinanga)
  • Ovoid pinnate (Chamaedorea oblongata, Dypsis pinnatifrons)
  • Biplanar pinnate (Phoenix reclinata)
  • Plumose pinnate (Syagrus, Wodyetia)
  • Fishtail pinnate (young Iriartea, some Wallichia)
Fan or Palmate
  • Undivided palmate (Licuala elegans)
  • Divided palmate (Bismarkia nobilis and many others)
  • Deeply divided palmate (Rhapis excelsa)
  • "Spoke-Wheel" palmate (Licuala ramsayi)
  • Costapalmate (Most Sabal species)
Bipinnate "Fishtail"
  • All Caryota


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